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Mold spores are small and impossible to see without magnification. They can be in your home, and without any water will cause no harm. However, any excessive amount of moisture in your home has the potential to promote mold growth. Getting rid of mold is easiest when at the beginning stages. Removing a small area of mold growth is much easier than dealing with a full problem

Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration

Once mold damage gets to a certain point, you need a restoration company to come to take care of the problem for you, not only because of the difficulty but because of potential health effects.


Some of the most common causes of a mold infestation of this level include:

  • Slow leaking and undetected pipes
  • A leak in the roof of the home, leading to dripping water
  • A bathroom that hasn’t been properly ventilated
  • An air conditioner with a leak
  • Condensation buildup on windows

If you detect mold, don’t hesitate to call RestoreMasters. We’ll clean and repair the surfaces of your home affected by mold. Get the problem fixed before it can progress.


Water damage that isn’t attended to in time leads to mold damage. Any source of water damage in your home should be attended to as soon as possible to prevent further issues from occurring. Make sure that the whole problem area is attended to, not just what’s on the surface. At RestoreMasters, we’ll take care of the problem at the source, repairing any affected area. We’ll remove and clean not only the areas affected by mold, but those damaged by water as well. Call us with your restoration emergency to get your home back.

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