The central location and fast-growing economy of American Fork make it a prime location for anyone, including Restore Masters. American Fork—located just south of Lehi—is named after the American Fork river which runs through the city. This vibrant city has a rich and exciting history and a promising future.

American Fork is home to some famous film locations. Scenes from classic movies, Footloose and The Sandlot were filmed throughout the city. American Fork—also known as AF—has a certain character and charm that provide for the perfect backdrop to these great block busters.

The last decade, there have been thriving businesses, both big and small popping up all over American Fork, greatly increasing the city’s growth and economy. As American Fork grows—it’s shown a 20% growth since 2000—Restore Masters is thrilled to be located in such a thriving location. At Restore Masters, we available for all types of restoration. We are here to help you bring your home back to its best possible state. No matter the damage, if you’re in the American Fork area and in need of restoration, reach out to Restore Masters! We repair everything from fire damage to water damage to vandalism. Contact us today!

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