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The city of West Jordan is on the raise and Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration is proud to be a part of it. A census that was conducted in 2010 showed West Jordan as the fourth most populated city in Utah. Since then, it has only grown. With big plans for the future, including a new college campus, plus new entrainment and shopping venues, public parks and museums, courthouse, recreation center, and senior center, West Jordan is one of the fastest growing cities in Utah.

West Jordan City Utah

West Jordan is part of Salt Lake Valley and has easy access to Salt Lake City. With Salt Lake City’s TRAX mass transportation system reaching down to West Valley, it is easy to commute between the two. This great city is also located at the foot of the beautiful Oquirrh Mountain range.

Here at Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration, we are pros at both emergency and non-emergency restoration. Whether you’ve been affected by a mold infestation, vandalism, damage from water or poor plumbing, a natural disaster, sewer back up, wind damage, fire and smoke damage, or whatever it may be—we’re your guys! Contact us anytime 24/7 and we’ll be on site within 60 minutes. For your restoration needs around West Jordan, call Restore Masters!

What Emergencies Are Likely To Happen In West Jordan?

You can’t predict which disasters may strike, but there are certain things are more likely to happen in West Jordan, Utah than other places. West Jordan is vulnerable to windstorms, fires, floods, and other storms.

Wind and Storms

With West Jordan being located where it is, it’s prone to high winds that can hinder travel, blown down trees, knock out power, make for dangerous driving conditions, and cause other hazards.


Being located in the dry desert of Utah, West Jordan is vulnerable to fires. Whether it’s wildfire or a residential fire due to another cause, fires are extremely dangerous. Whether its damage from flames or smoke damage, fires destroy homes.


Flooding can happen due to a rainstorm, snowmelt, or municipal water line disasters. West Jordan is vulnerable to flooding, like anywhere. Utah is known for its brutal winters, which means lots of snowmelt and potential flooding.

If you have experienced any of these emergencies or disasters in West Jordan, Utah, contact the RestoreMasters for full restoration!

No matter your home’s damage, we will work to restore your residence to a comfortable and safe state and get you back into your home as soon as possible. Contact Restoremasters immediately at 801-938-8654.

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