Basement Flood and Leak Water Damage Repair in Salt Lake City

Anyone who has ever experienced waking up to a washing machine that overflowed, a clogged kitchen sink or a bathroom covered with water from a broken toilet knows the sinking feeling — wondering what to do and where to start with a clean-up that is out of control. Water damage in Salt Lake City can adversely affect everything from the carpeting, floor coverings, and the electrical wiring in your home. This definitely constitutes as an emergency. Even an unnoticed small leak from a broken pipe on the outside of the house can cause flooding of your entire basement.

Restoremasters understands your need for speedy and thorough restoration and home repairs for people living in the Salt Lake City area. Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, Restoremasters provides quick and thorough remediation, clean up. repairs and restoration. Emergency Service Professionals are able to respond within 60 minutes of contacting Restoremasters, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether this is from a sewer backup or any cause of disastrous flooding like broken pipes, and dishwashers and toilets overflowing, and clogged kitchen sings, our experienced restoration experts will put your mind at ease. Restoremasters offers extensive home repair services with professional and trained contractors that will be as quick as possible and comprehensive to get you back in your home, comfortably and safely.

The questions for most home owners is not “if” water damage will happen but “when” water damage happens, who can you trust to do the job right the first time. Restoremasters is a locally-owned professional company who understands how important it is get your life back on track. When water damage strikes, we will safeguard your possessions and valuables with the assistance of our experts in the following: electronics cleaning, leather cleaning, jewelry specialists and much more. Our 24-hour emergency service response team will be at your side within 60 minutes if the emergency is located along the Wasatch Front. Our emergency response in Salt Lake City is second to none and has helped many reclaim their homes.

Sewer backups in Salt Lake City are another major cause of water damage in the home. These are often caused by one of three possibilities: sewer clogs in the main sewer line of the house; tree roots growing into the pipes and causing holes; and broken or collapsed sewer lines. Sewer backups are prevalent causes of basement floods and water damage. Restoremasters professionals understand the need for efficient solutions. Restoremasters is committed to home repair solutions in the Salt Lake valley. Our teams will also work with your insurance company to help bring your home back to its proper condition, quickly and efficiently.

One of the most pressing concerns for home owners after experiencing water damage is assurance that their house is safe from mold. Restoremasters will perform a mold-clearance test once repairs are complete. Our water and mold damage specialists will go into the home and conduct specific tests to ensure your family’s safety from the hazardous effects which mold and bacteria can cause.

Restoremasters is dedicated to helping you during your flood emergency in Salt Lake City. Whether you are experiencing a major flood or even a clogged kitchen sink in Salt Lake City, we are here to help with many types of water-damaged home repairs.