Understanding The Claims Process

For most people that experience a disaster: it is their first time. Navigating through insurance companies’ claims processes can be tricky and downright confusing. Quite honestly, you need all the help you can get.

For more than 37 years, Restoremasters Flood & Fire has been working with property owners — helping them to navigate through the insurance claims process quickly and efficiently. Because this may be your first experience in submitting and working through a claim.

Restoremasters offers the following step-by-step process guide to help make it easier.

Step 1: Submit your claim

This can be accomplished through your insurance agent or through a select representative of your insurance provider. In today’s day and age, submitting a claim may be accomplished several different ways, including over the telephone and submission via the Internet. In most cases, it is best to speak with your agent who will then provide you direction and, in some cases, submit a claim on your behalf.

Step 2: Property adjuster assigned

Following the submission and filing of a claim you will be assigned a property adjuster. While this is the most common scenario, it may not always be the case. As stated earlier, various insurance companies’ claims processes are often different; however, it is pretty standard to have the assigned property adjuster meet you at your home or property to inspect the damage and then move forward with settling the claim and restoring your property.

Step 3: Look into your insurance policy

It is very important that you understand your insurance policy and the ins and outs associated with it. One of the often overlooked items within a property policy is necessity and responsibility of the property owner to prevent further damage from occurring on the property. With that said, it becomes the home or property owner’s responsibility to talk with your insurance carrier and, if necessary, submit a claim without delay. Because your property may not be habitable and additional costs may be incurred for food, lodging, etc., it is important to keep track of all associated expenses. These expenses will often have to be submitted as part of the claim for reimbursement.

Step 4: Restoremasters takes it from here

Understand that in most cases, it takes time for your submitted claim to be processed and settled. There may be several factors that contribute to the equation, and because of those factors your claim may take as little as days to sometimes months to go through. Regardless of time frame, when we are on the job for you, Restoremasters ensures that your situation is being handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work with your insurance provider on every aspect of your claim to help save time and assist in expediting the repair process so that your property can be returned to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Step 5: The work is complete. Now what?

When the repair process is winding down and restoration is nearing completion, you may be wondering about billing and how it is handled. In most cases, the restoration contractor will be paid directly by your insurance provider. As with most other processes, every insurance provider is different. In some instances, a check may be issued with the property or homeowner’s name on it. In this situation, you are responsible for payment to the restoration company upon completion of the work.

Ultimately, your insurance provider may hold you responsible for paying your deductible, which is usually collected by the selected restoration contractor before work begins. Be familiar enough with your policy to ensure that the proper deductible is paid.

For more than 37 years, Restoremasters has been working with property owners like you, helping to navigate through the insurance claims process quickly and efficiently. Brian Wilson, the owner, is an experienced insurance claims adjuster having worked in the field for many years prior to starting Restoremasters. He understands insurance coverage extensively and may be able to help you interpret your current policy. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or concerns. Our Restoremasters team will help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.