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Located at the foot of the Oquirrh Mountains, Tooele is a great location to work and live. When the city was founded in the nineteenth century, it was primarily an agricultural community. It has since grown into a thriving economy. The home town feel, and beautiful backdrop of mountains make Tooele a beautiful place to be.

Tooele City Utah

One of the crowning jewels of Tooele’s culture is the Tooele Arts Festival. It’s an annual 3-day event that hosts local vendors and artists selling their wares. At this festival you can find unique and one of a kind art, live music and entertainment, and children’s activities. This arts festival is a favorite of the city.

What Emergencies Are Likely To Happen In Tooele?

Tooele is vulnerable emergencies like windstorms, snowstorms, thunderstorms, fires, and floods. Emergencies are not predictable, but you can prepare yourself and your home for disasters that are more common in your area.

Wind and Storms

Windstorms and other storms are common in Tooele, Utah. These storms can mean excessive snowfall, high-speed winds, flying debris, dangerous driving conditions, and other hazards.


Fires in Tooele, Utah can be caused due to residential mishaps, dry heat, wildfires spreading from nearby mountains, and other accidents. Flames and smoke can cause extensive damage and ruin homes as well as lives.


Flooding can happen when there is excessive snowmelt, rainfall, or water line disasters. Water damage can ruin home, compromise structural integrity, and create dangerous driving conditions.

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