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Taylorsville incorporates three areas—Taylorsville, Bennion, and Kearns—all centrally located in the middle of Salt Lake Valley. This is a friendly neighborhood community. Though Taylorsville is a relatively new city, it is a thriving one, and growing every year.

Taylorsville City Utah

Our small and family owned business fits well in Taylorville. If you are in the Taylorville area and your home has experienced any sort of damage—we specialized in restoring homes after fire damage, water damage, wind damage, mold infestation, vandalism, sewer backups, or other damages. We also offer emergency board up services and smoke deodorization. Rely on Restore Masters to bring your home back to its best possible state and get you back in it! Our team has years of experience under our belt. Each member has experienced the process of mitigation, cleanup, and restoration fields. We are also fully licensed and insured for your protection. The top priority of Restore Masters is to get you back into your home or business as soon as possible, feeling safe and comfortable.

What Emergencies Are Likely To Happen In Taylorsville?

Emergencies in Taylorsville, Utah are not always predictable—but you can prepare for emergencies that have happened before and are likely to happen again. These include storms, fires, and floods.  

Wind and Storms

Taylorsville can experience snowstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, windstorms, and other storms. All of which can leave behind a trail of damage. Whether it’s structural damage, dangerous driving conditions, or fallen debris, storms can certainly take their toll.


Fires can be a problem anywhere, including Taylorsville, Utah. Whether they are caused naturally from the dry climate of Utah or due to human error, fires can be devastating. They can spread quickly and leave ruined homes and lives in their path.


Flooding can occur in any city due to municipal water line disasters. In Taylorsville, flooding can also occur due to snowmelt and rainfall. Flooding means dangerous driving conditions, water damage, and other hazards.

Contact Restore Master when you’re in need to experience the Restore Masters difference and have help on site within 60 minutes. Our team of professionals is available for emergencies 24/7. Call us today to help restore your residence!

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