Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration Utah

South Jordan is a thriving suburb located in south western part of Salt Lake Valley. Like much of Salt Lake Valley, South Jordan has grown significantly over the last few years. Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration is excited to be a part of such a thriving and great community like South Jordan.

South Jordan City Utah

The Oquirrh mountain range provide for a beautiful backdrop to this beautiful city. With these mountains, the South Jordan Canal, and the Jordan River, South Jordan is a sight to see. The commercial, retail, and residential spaces provide a pleasing and cohesive aesthetic with the gorgeous mountainous backdrop of the city.

This quaint town is a perfect location for Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration. We are here for any and all of your repair needs after disaster strikes. Contact us to bring your residence back to its former glory after any damages. From water damages to fire damages and everything in between—Restoremasters Water Damage & Fire Restoration is there for you.

What Emergencies Are Likely To Happen In South Jordan?

Like anywhere, South Jordan, Utah experiences emergencies and natural disasters. Though you can’t predict emergencies, there are some that are more common than others.

Wind and Storms

South Jordan can have strong windstorms, rainstorms, and lightning and thunderstorms. South Jordan is located in the desert of Utah, but it is still prone to intense rain, lightning, and thunder—all of which can lead to damages. Though they are not common, earthquakes are also a possibility.  


With the dry heat of Utah, South Jordan is prone to fires. Whether they be wildfires or residential fires—fires are extremely dangerous and can cause extensive damage.


Flooding is also a danger in South Jordan. Flooding can occur through rainfall, snowmelt, or municipal water line damages. If there is flooding, there is likely water damage.

Our trained professionals are ready and waiting to restore your home. We are available 24/7 and will be on location within 60 minutes of your call. Reach out to us today to restore your home and take the steps to repairing what was lost! Contact Restoremasters at 801-938-8654.

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