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Orem is the fifth largest city in Utah and is surrounded by Provo, Lindon, and Vineyard—some of the other largest cities in Utah. Being a college town, Orem plays well to the young demographic while still being family friendly. There are many housing options, a variety of outdoor experiences, and a friendly culture.

Orem City Utah

Orem’s slogan is “Family City USA”. Home to Utah Valley University and a minor league baseball team—the Orem Owlz—Orem lives up to it’s town slogan. Forbes names it the 5th best place to raise a family in 2015. This family center community celebrates an annual summer fest celebration and a widely popular story telling event—the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. People come from across the nation to attend and participate in the festival.

What Emergencies Are Likely To Happen In Orem?

Orem, Utah is prone to similar emergencies as the rest of Utah—windstorms, thunderstorms, rainstorms, fires, and floods. Emergencies are not always predictable, but preparation can help prevent the damage they can cause.

Wind and Storms

Utah county can have powerful thunder and lightning storms. Plus, windstorms are not uncommon. These storms can be damaging to houses, cause falling trees, dangerous road conditions, and lead to flying debris.


Orem is part of the desert land of Utah and as such is prone to fire. Whether they be wildfires from surrounding mountains or residential fires, they can be very dangerous and even deadly. Fires can quickly destroy homes and take lives. Even if the flames are afar off, the smoke alone can do extensive damage.


Floods are a danger to Orem—they can be caused by excess snowmelt, rainfall, municipal water line problems, or other sources. No matter the source, water damage can be extensive. Floods also mean dangerous driving conditions.

Restore Masters is proudly serving the Orem area and all of their restoration and repair needs. When you’ve experienced damage to your house whether it be from a disaster, an accident, vandalism, or any other way, reach out to Restore Masters for help. We are available 24/7 for emergency and non-emergency repair. Contact us today to start the road to recovery for your home or building! We look forward to working with you in the Orem area. 

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