Emergency Escape Plan For In Home Fire

Having an emergency escape plan for your family in case of a fire can be the difference between life or death. No one likes to think about these things, but knowing what to do in case of a fire or other emergency will allow you to stay as calm and as safe as possible. Don’t wait to sit down as a family and create an emergency escape plan for an in-home fire.

Make a Plan

As you come up with your emergency escape plan, walk through your home and check out each possible exit. Identify at least two escape routes from each room in your home. Ideally, these should be accessible and safe to use by anyone in the family.

If you have children, it may be useful to create a map with arrows to make it easy for them to see and remember the best escape routes. It’s also a good idea to mark where the smoke detectors are located.

Choose a meeting place outside that is a safe distance from your home. You should also make this spot on your escape map.

If you have small children, pets, or family members with mobility limitations, assign another family member to help them during the drill or escape. Assigning a backup person is also a good idea too.

Make Adjustments

As you make your plan you may notice parts of your home that should have a smoke detector and don’t, or that could be a safe emergency exit with a few tweaks. As you come across these issues, do not wait to correct them so that your home can be as safe as possible.

Each sleeping room should have a smoke detector, and there should be another outside each sleeping area. You also want a smoke detector on every level of the home. According to the National Fire Alarm Code, all of your smoke detectors should be interconnected so if one goes off, they all do.

If there is anything blocking a door or window, be sure it is moved. Be sure that all windows and doors are easily opened, too.


Once you have your plan in place it’s time to practice. You should be practicing your emergency escape plan at least twice a year. If you have any changes to your home or family, you need to reevaluate your escape plan and practice with the new changes.
Besides knowing your emergency escape plan, make sure everyone in your family has emergency phone numbers memorized, including the fire department.

Hopefully you only need your emergency escape plan for an in-home fire for hypothetical situations. But if you do happen to have a fire, you may be left with fire or water damage to your home.

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