Utah Disaster Cleanup Salt Lake City

Disasters can be devastating. Water, flood, fires, and mold, are the most common disasters in Utah. Our highly trained staff and crew for emergency clean up are here 24/7 to assist you in your time of need. Whether the situation is water, fire, or mold damage from a flood, or sewer backup from a clogged pipe or drain, RestoreMasters are the specialists in Utah for disaster clean up.

Water damage restoration:

We use water extraction tools to first remove the water at it's deepest level, and use fans to dry the affected areas. Mold prevention is key in this process.  The quicker the water is removed, the less damage to your property in turn creating less moisture and mold issues in the future.

Mold remediation:

Mold can grow in places our eyes can not see. We use infrared cameras to see moisture and heat that can be left behind from a fire or flood. Using this technique can insure that all of the water and moisture have been completely removed from the affected areas.

Fire restoration:

There are approximately 1,348,500 home fires a year. Having an emergency plan in place can save lives as well as your home. Fires can be the most devastating of all disasters. It is not only the charred items that will need to be accounted for, but also the smoke damage that will need to be eliminated from the walls and fixtures. Our goal is to get you and your loved ones back in your home as soon as possible. READ MORE 

Here are some key tips:

For water and disaster clean up, call us at 801.379.3278 and protect your family as well as personal property. Our 24/7 response team at 801.446.6727 will be more than happy to assist you. We can be on the scene within 60 minutes. The quicker the response, the less damage, in turn, creating less work for all of your repairs getting you back in your home as soon as possible.

Remove your belongings form the affected area, and away from any further water or smoke damage. We at Resoremasters understand that pictures and precious keepsakes are irreplaceable.

If there is a broken pipe, or a backup of a sewer, toilet, drain, dishwasher, or sprinkler, turn off the water at the mainline to prevent further damage.

Get a fire extinguisher. It is recommended to keep 2 on every floor of your home. Place one in your kitchen, as well as a bedroom. Fires can happen anywhere. If you are sleeping and smell smoke you will have one in your room as a safety precaution.
Make sure you have smoke alarms in every room and change their batteries regularly.

Emergency ready kit:

Battery operated flashlight with extra batteries
Battery operated radio
First aid kit
Emergency food (dry items) and water (packed and sealed)
Candles and matches in a waterproof container
Chlorine tablets or powdered water purifiers
Can opener
Essential medicines
Cash and credit cards
7 day supply of water for each household member

Develop an emergency communication plan. If there is a disaster such as a fire or flood, have a plan of action in place.

Read more what to have on emergency kit by FEMA










We are the premier restoration company for Utah disaster cleanup. Leave the water clean up and mold removal to the experts. We have the highest of technology and specialized
equipment to remedy commercial and residential disasters.

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