Water damage are the last two words any home owner wants to hear. Once water creeps it’s way into your home, you can expect costly repairs and have to worry about keeping water out in the future. As you take care of your home to prevent water damage, there is one area that is easy to neglect -- your rain Continue Reading
If you’ve ever had a water issue in your home, you probably have a few questions about mold. Was there enough water damage to grow mold? How will I know if I have a mold problem? And, will the mold effect my health? Here are a few myths and facts about mold to help you after you’ve experienced water damage. Continue Reading
Nothing is more frustrating than reaching under your kitchen sink for a pair of rubber gloves only to find that the wood is soaked, and has been for who knows how long! Not only is water damage costly to repair, it can cause health concerns. Where there is lasting water damage there is also mold growth which can be just Continue Reading
“Flood” is one word no homeowner wants to hear. It means immediate mitigation, followed by weeks or months of costly repairs and cleanup. To put is simply, when you experience a flood it can be very overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to know what steps you should take should a flood happen to you! Whether you’re just dealing with a Continue Reading
Bad weather can be a pain, but when it comes to more serious storms like natural disasters, they can be downright scary.  You hope to never have to deal with a natural disaster. But chances are that at some point in your life you might, and when that time comes you want to be prepared. To make sure you know Continue Reading

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